We, as humans, are indispensable components of the ecological system that offers infinite capacity and possibility to embrace art and culture, diversity, and intangibility as necessary elements of sustainability. This is at the center of what, we believe, constitutes Creative and Ecological Design.

An ecological to our environment also lets us act independently for both flexibility and complexity of individual engagement and community-creation. In the space and flow of the lively ecological mechanism that is constantly, creative, changing and social, we believe that the most healthy, sustainable, active, and expressive people and place are to be prospered. When we; however, place ourselves outside the organism or think that this holistic view is irrelevant to the actual community development, design and engagement, the risk is that we tend to fall into or depend too much on the intellectual approach and application to the community-making, often resulting in artificial and meaningless outcomes. The system of ecology encourages articulating fundamental beliefs, values and ideas while reflecting and focusing on process to generate meaningful outcomes for people.