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Your very own applied ecosystem of doers, thinkers, fixers, creatives, and number-crunchers uncovering unique and creative solutions to problems large and small.

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Our Story

Creative Ecology Partners

Creative Ecology Partners utilizes people-centered art and design strategies for community development, planning, placemaking and engagement. We build community through education, art, advocacy and action. We help strengthen and transform people, their environments and the essential relationships within them.

Working collaboratively, unconventionally and across disciplines, we draw from a diverse pool of experts, utilizing creative and interventionist methodologies. We believe in the power of imagination.


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When you face critical issues in making the world a better place, we are here to assemble exceptional talent into purpose-built teams to focus diverse, deep and creative attention on overcoming obstacles with you.

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From individuals to arts organizations, foundations and businesses of all sizes looking for innovative, participatory approaches—we use creative exploration to research, understand and resolve. Our committment: enhance communities by listening to local needs, and change thinking around cities, neighborhoods and people.

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We apply the most creative and critical approaches to help you understand, design, cultivate and influence your way to achieving your goals.

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We work with you to synthesizes the processes of research, mapping and communication in such a way that each is more valuable to your efforts and the combined effect is greater than the parts. We incorporate principles of community organizing, cultural resonance, and performance & social practice art into research, mapping and communication strategies. We can support you to develop a unique practice specific to your culture and community.


We work with you to create programs, strategies, products and solutions that improve the impact and effectiveness of your initiatives. We use a design-driven yet process- and outcomes-oriented approach that incorporates creative and critical thinking, service design, and human-centered innovation. We have worked with community development, museums, philanthropy, planners and designers, not-for-profits and businesses. We can work with you to hone your impact.


We work with you to build the leadership and capacity essential for sustained community and organizational transformation. Through coaching, training, workshops, intentional design of engagement, and other strategies, we support executives, staff, residents, community members and participants of our projects to develop the capabilities and capacities to be leaders. We can help you build effective leadership in most settings and situations.


If you are looking for different and unique solutions to the business, community or organizational challenges you face, you’re in the right place. CEP identifies problems that result from a failure of imagination, and then we assemble purpose-built teams to incubate potential solutions. CEP can support your own process of problem seeking and problem solving, if you have a problem, let us mull it over with you.


Creative Ecology Partners
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